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DDLD ENTERPRISE is a sourcing  agent company based in Malaysia. We provide one-stop buying service for your International Trade buying needs. We help Importers, Retailers and E-commerce all over the world to import goods from Malaysia and Europe. Especially in countries like Italy and France, which are  well known worldwide for their people's good taste, creativity of high quality design and workmanship. Hence, producing high quality products in many industries.  

We can help your company to purchase multiple products on different platforms at the same time because as a sourcing agent company, we purchase a wider range of products than just one sector, to name few sectors such as the following;

  • Fashion
  • Food & Beverages
  • Furnishings
  • Aviation
  • Luxury Motor Yachts
  • and many more...

At DDLD Enterprise, We always represent the interests of customers. Our services include the following:

  1. Negotiation & Signing Contract
  2. Products Sourcing
  3. Quality Inspection
  4. Combination Packaging
  5. Take Photos/Videos
  6. Shipping arrangement
  7. Supplier maintenance and operation status monitoring
  8. Early stocking in peak season
  9. Returns & Refunds

We are committed to help you to source good price and quality products, guiding you to avoid all kinds of potential importing risks and eventually save cost on your expenses. We assess the needs of the company, locating the right suppliers, and meeting them to see if they will be able to take on the orders. We may inspect factories to confirm that they will be able to meet the standards. This can also include evaluations to address ethical concerns like worries about pollution or exploitative labor conditions. That’s how we ensure your success.

We would like to be your trusted business partner. No matter where you are, we are ready to serve your business needs and requirements, rest assured only the best service will be delivered to you.

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